Buying furniture online has nowadays become a convenient way of shopping for many people, especially for the one who’s busy with work and cannot easily find their time to buy anything. Since the Internet increases its role in our lives, it helps us take advantage of physically travel around the shopping mall, go from store to store to find completely satisfying products. With just simply a computer, a laptop or a smartphone with strong wifi connection, you can indulge yourself with a cup of tea or relax at your favorite coffee shop and enjoy your shopping day.

Internet provides you an access to purchase furniture that is not available in your local places. For less expensive products, such as books, CDs, casual clothes, office stationery,…, it’s completely effortless. However, for products which is big and highly expensive, it’s not easy to make a decision. Looking for a new sofa and finding your suitable one on the website, you realize that you can’t evaluate the quality of the sofa, which doubt you to buy this.

The process of buying things online is simple, but the results of this process may not simple at all, for instance, lost your personal information, be cheated when using credit cards, your computer is hacked and so on. Remember that purchasing facility is an investment and that’s why we need preparation. Preparation helps us educate and experience the online shopping progress with wise and safe shopping selection. Here are tips to guide you to safe online shopping process.

1. Research the manufacturer and the store carefully
First and foremost, before checking the product information, you need to investigate the sellers, which can be the furniture producers or the brokers. The brokers can be a middle man between you and the manufacturer, so the customer service and the company reliability are also different. For example, a small online shop is now selling Nike shoes. Nike shoes are very popular and engage the customers’ mind as a good product. However, this shop’s information is vague and they also don’t update their phone number and email on their website. So do you want to buy a pair of shoes from that shop? I let you decide it and remember to choose reputable “middlemen” like Amazon, eBay, Walmart,… smartly.

Next, let’s check the company information carefully. A Google search for the name of the company will bring you the information (places, contacts, product categories,…) or review for that company. The review can be positive or negative. Some stores nowadays operate on social networks like Facebook, Instagram,…, so you can read through the comments to put your trust in. Then go to the website or their Facebook or Instagram pages to evaluate. This job is the same as you walk into a store. You certainly feel bad when the store is dirty, like a mess of uncategorized products. Otherwise, when it comes to online shopping, for a professional website, it provides you relevant information about products and also the company’s contact. The links are not dead and the information is neutral. Basically, that website will give you the positiveness of buying a good product.

This research is so important when you have an intention of buying online. Just a little bit of time, the online shopping experience will be safer and you can be a smart buyer.

2. Protect your computer and personal information
Always look out of the transaction method, it could harm your computer by automatically send the virus, spam filters or any irrelevant programs. If you plan on purchasing anything online, don’t be worry to install the security programs and make sure to update the anti-virus software and firewall security on your computer or laptop and also do this with your smartphones or tablets. The higher the security level is, the more secure your private information is.

One thing that your personal information may be public on the website when you register an account, which usually an essential part in any online buying process. Make sure that the website has a privacy policy to protect users’ information. Also understanding what kind of information is needed and what information should be public. A trustful company will never give their customers’ profiles to another without permission. But always act as smart buyers, provide the sellers with enough information and consider to give more if being asked. If the sellers ask you to send them your personal information through e-mails, it is just the one you don’t want to rely on. Legitimate companies will never use e-mails to force customers reveal their information. It’s so suspicious and ridiculous, especially in the transaction process. Call the contact number on their website to handle the problems if it’s related to credit cards.

3. Keep records
There are always unnecessary problems when you purchase furniture online, especially with the troubles with the bills and the transaction records. Make sure you have copies of those things or capture the confirmation pages of complete transaction in case of sudden need later. You also need to save the bills, the description of the products or the contract when you already have the furniture for guarantee terms and conditions. In addition, store your online receipt or emails that you have exchanged with the furniture dealers is also essential in some situations.

4. Calculate delivery fees
Most online shops often require a delivery fee in charge of transferring the products, maybe oversized items with long distances. While you’re shopping, always check out the fees, does it account for the total furniture cost or do the sellers count it alone? Make sure of this small fee, because you might lose a part of your credit card with unnecessary things like this. Another possibility can happen, the fee could be miscalculated, for some reasons, so the solution is that you should count the this fee once again before paying the seller. It will help you out of some troublesome situations and make your online shopping experience safer and smoother.