The living room seems to the center of your house where you have interesting conversations with friends or memorable things with relatives. This means, upgrading your living rooms to create a comfortable and stunning atmosphere is so crucial. These are some ideas help you to modernize your living room.
  • Focus on painting colors. It is obvious that the painting color is always focused first when coming to the living room, so you should choose the color which is suitable with your home style and interest. Specifically, you may use plain and simple colors to create the key point for your modern living room. Otherwise, bright stone, glass, brick materials will enable your living room to me more large and spacious. The red walls, for instance, combined with chandeliers will make the room more stunning. Painting walls with dark color and equipping a sofa with the same color make your living room more comfortable. Another suggested color is combination of blue and white, which contributing to quiet and peaceful atmosphere. With yellow walls you will have an amazing room.
  • Use windows as decorating. Windows have a lot of utilities in your house namely, meaning they make your living room beautiful. Since it not only absorb more natural lights to your living room but also decorate your room, it is better to progress your living room by having ornate designs or covering with colorful curtains. This leads to the fact you are able to save energy and have a chance to update the room.
  • Think about lighting. Besides utilizing sunshine from windows, light systems allow your room to be more cozy and warm. Then, chandeliers are preferable to store progression and highlights in your living room. You could use a mixed variety of lights to fill to produce more effects in different corners, resulting in that the room looks like more attractive and stunning.
  • Reasonable appliances are good ideas. If you want to modernize your living, the state of art appliances and equipments will be significantly necessary. There are numerous of appliances to fit your living room namely: TV, windows air conditioners, loud speakers and so on. In addition, it is easy for you to choose furniture for your living room. For example, a sofa which is suitable with the room area and color and has gentle colors and motifs is a good choice. It will more innovate and cool if you equip a coffee maker at the living room and treat it as a cozy office at home.
  • Add more art. It is more excellent to add some art to your living room. It depends on your taste to choose varied types of art, which may be recommended a colorful pictures, a sculpture, a ceramic vase or even a photograph of your family. They all encourage your emotion and feelings when you are in the living room.
  • Don not ignore clock and other small ornaments. If you realize that your living room is out of date, you could try to hang out a wooden traditional clock to change for watches or clock on mobile phone. After that, may be the room is becoming more charming. Moreover, locating mirrors in suitable places leads you to both refresh for the living room and make it more spacious and bright through bringing better natural lights.
  • Personalize the living room with carpets. Normally, wooden floors are quite popular and in every house as it is warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and it is also easy to clean. However, you can make up the living room with a lot of kinds of carpets because of its multiple purposes. It is good to use carpets with slight patterns and made from easy cleaning and stable materials. Wool and nylon carpets are really comfortable and anti dirty and dust. Synthetic fabric materials can help to reduce the reflection of sunlight. And you can change the carpets following seasons.
All above things seem to be full for your living room. However, it is extremely important to keep the room tidy and clean.

It is true that energy allow your home to be more comfortable, convenient and affordable which is used at home in terms of various types including gas, fuel, electricity and the like. Subsequently, thanks to the development of technology, your home is easily equipped full of modern items such as TV, radio, phones, heaters, air-conditioner and so on, which causes to cost a great amount of energy and your money as well, meaning every bill comes to be more expensive. Take these following easy ways to make more home energy efficiency, reduce gas emissions and save natural resources.
  • Check your energy suppliers. It is more advisable that you speak directly to your energy suppliers to have better deal, converse with your neighbors or other citizens, and compare gas and electricity prices. This is because that you don not have to pay for what you are not using. It takes few minutes to check these things, but it can help you to decrease your bill amount significantly. For examples, using microwave to boil water is faster than other electricity cookers, which means that it saves time and energy.
  • Audit home energy system. Obviously, any part of your home is connected each other and work together so it is so necessary to realize what part energy at your home should work and what one does not. You can hire a qualified energy advisor who is able to check around your home and tell you where the energy efficiency are and give you a fair report to make a little bit adjustment at your home. Some simple tests might help you know where the air is lost so you need to repair.
  • Save energy with heating. You will not only still feel warm but also save energy if you reduce the temperature of thermostat by 1 degree, which results in that you may save a majority energy for heating. Furthermore, wearing socks, jumpers, or using blanket at your beds enables you to be warmer rather than intending to turn up the heater. Remembering and covering black holes like animals’ holes, electrical sockets, light switches is cool for you which cause to exchanging air to outside house.  In the evening, you could close and cover the windows by curtain because the outside temperature is colder.
  • Save energy when cooking. Cooking energy expenses also comprise a large amount of consumed energy at home, meanwhile, you should focus on cooking efficiency. With electrical cooker saving time means saving money, so it is better to cook later (about 30 – 45 minutes before having meals) in order to reduce time of keeping your rice warm. At the same time,  using the right capacity of electrical cookers to avoid wasting. Moreover, heating your home with cooking as after cooking open the ovens’ wings to heat your kitchen, contributing to that ovens will have enough heat for you to adjust the thermostat. It is more efficient to add a pans to deliver heat for your whole home. Lets think about fridge usage, since each minute you open the fridge the freeze air can be lost, leading to electricity cost. Then, space in the fridge is one of reasons of increasing your electricity bills because keep them full, they must not work consistently and hard and cost less electricity.
  • Cut costs with washing efficiency. There are several ways to save energy with washing machines. Firstly, You should bear in mind that storing as many clothes as possible which is reasonable with the capacity of washing machine is able to save energy and water. And, leave the washing machine’s temperature at 30 degree might save up to 40% of energy rather than at 40 degree. Finally, do not be tempted to use dry systems instead of utilizing light dry.
  • Don forget the light systems. Lighting is costing your energy considerably. Necessarily, you could change high capacity lights by saved energy ones or eliminate lights which are located in unnecessary areas. It is good ideas to utilize natural lights for your house through windows, doors.
  • Keep using appliances efficient. To satisfy for your entertainment, your home is well filled with a mixed variety of appliances namely: TV, computers, radios, loud speakers, ipads, mobile phones to just a few name. Since you have to pay a lot for them, lets try to use it in the right ways. Unplug them when not using because they are not working but still costing electricity. Otherwise, leave the appliances in stand by or sleep status is not advisable for both the equipments and your energy.
  • Lets focus on renewable energy. Think more about using renewable resources namely solar or wind energy to allow you to both save energy and natural resources.

It is so comfortable when you living in a house which not only inspires you by its design but also offers you utilizing by creativity. Here is creative features that will forwards making your house awesome.
  • Deploy hidden space along to hallways for more storage. The overcrowded leads to the fact it is difficult and expensive to you to buy a large house, meaning this idea can help your small house to look more open and spacious. You can add a shelf to long hallways, which allow you using hidden space inside the walls. In the living rooms, for example, a hidden bookshelf is a fascinating idea, which allows you to store all kinds of book without marking a quite large square of the living room and increase convenience for it. Shelfs stay inside the walls in the kitchen conceals and store all messy kitchen tools like containing bottles, jars, dish, pots, pans, and the like, which also can become ornaments for your kitchen if its wings is made by glass. What do you think about that your stair likes a bookshelf as well? You could leave a lot of space if you locate books under the stair bars.
  • Add sun tunnel into a room you need more light. The lighting always plays crucial roles as it is able to turn your house become more charming modern with artificial lighting or more friendly environmental and healthy with sunshine. There are several ways to bring natural light into your house. Firstly, using tempered glass at the partial roof is rather to have sunshine around your house. This is an ideal designs for multi-storey house because it can intake a lot of sunshine all the day and fill it all your house. To have the best efficiency, you should locate these tempered glasses above the stair, in the back or in the centre of the house in order to allocate natural light all the house. At the same time, the size of the tempered glass is based on the house ‘s stretch as the more broad the house is, the larger tempered glass it requires. It is more interesting and useful if you combine the wind line with the light hole, contributing to the fact your house’s atmosphere is more fresh and cool. Moreover, you can use widen windows, especially which are located in the east to have sunshine in the early morning and brighten the house. Obviously, it is more advisable to decorate suitable curtains to control the amount of light and avoid to absorb heavy light. In addition to this, choosing mirrors and glass barriers might light up your house by natural lighting. Besides, you will save the space thanks to glass barriers.
  • Create fake drawers into something functional. Instead of using drawers traditionally to store house tools, a creative drawer being worth making is to satisfy the mixed variety of your demand. It is so valid to maintain the microwave oven in one bar, tissues in another one and other fake bars is to hide electrical sockets in order to prevent electricity shocks happening to your children. Meanwhile, your house look more tidy and fashionable.
  • Lets try dutch doors. These doors are affordable and adaptable to help you keep an eyes on your pets and children. This is because that while a half is shut, a rest is still opened. Housewife, for example, don’t have to worry about your child and pets while they are doing households as they still look them through dutch doors.
  • Prior to recycling and reusing. It is true that recycling is one of solutions to protect the environment and saving your money. Maybe some old things in your house is disposal, but they can become the input material for creative recycling actions, because you just concern about their usage, you will realize their viable and worthwhile features. Specifically, recycling out of date materials in your house is both to decorate it without costing much your budget and reverse the surrounding environment. There are a great number of recycling ways for your old equipments. Adding some wooden bars into the ladder you will have a simple and impressive shelf which is used for keep other small items or hanging the ladder at a corner can create an amazing bookshelf. It is easy to make old rackets to become elegant mirrors in your house. Another usage of useless spoons or forks is clothing hangers, and they can become interesting with cute designs in your own ways. With old luggage which you forget their exist, don not throw it out because they can be a sweet home for your pets. After your worthy piano is broken down, you should hang it as a stunning and strange shelf to keep books or your pictures. Lampshades are quite crucial in your house in both utility and decorating, which might be made by variety of available materials in your house including plastic metal spoons accompanied huge bottles, metal spoons, old drums, or gears. How about old glass jars, they will be treated to become innovative cadres photo following to the vintage style.

Children is the future generation for both society and family and most of their time is spent at home. However, there are more and more families, nowadays, which both a husband and wife go to the office. This is means that they have enough time to take care for their children and leave them at home with elders or babysitters. Moreover, home is the first place where they grow and learn first lessons by exploring and discovering surrounding environment, but are not aware of dangers and hazards. Indeed, creating a safety environment at home is extremely important for the protection and development of your kids, meaning it helps not only your kids to avoid serious injuries and accidents at home but also adults to save time and diminish stress in keeping children. Here are some top tips for contributing home safety for your babies.
  • Keep kids far away from fire or heat. According some recent studies most accidents at home are related to burns. It is necessary to think about all sources of fire and heat at your home namely: gas and electrical cookers, microwave oven, heaters, water heaters and the like, which have been away from children and not touched by them. Specifically, kitchen equipments producing fire and heat must be arranged in tidy and orderly ways and located at a higher level than that children can touch. The family who have children should have barriers around the heaters, which can prevent babies to be much close to the hot coal and fire. The bathroom, for example, also contains potential burns accidents for your children, then let check the comfortable temperature first by hand or elbow before you bath for them. Finally, it is important to control safely the electricity systems at your house because it may lead to fire.
  • Do not leave their baby alone with water. It is true that children don’t know how to protect themselves from damage from water, so drowning can occur with babies in less than several centimeters of water level at baths, shoves, crates or pool. To guarantee the babies’ s safety and skip bad situations, never forget to pay attention on them when they are playing with water. For examples, when the phone is ringing, your child is still in bath, you must bring him with you before answering the phone call. And hot tubs must be dry or cover stably when not using. If your house have water system in the garden, you also monitor it to become safe for your little babies. How about the pool in the backyard: you must always beside your baby, show them right swimming ways when they are swimming. At the same time, you must design a door leading to the pool, and exiting all water after playing time.
  • Lets think about the windows and stairs. This is due to that your construction style must be safe for your kids. The windows should be designed at a suitable level, which don’t allow babies to climb up as they can be fallen down, leading to hurt and broken legs or arms. Obviously, multi-storey houses is more and more popular, so stairs is available, which can threaten the safety of kids. It is more advisable, the stairs must have bars and railings and be covered by durable brick or stone which are not to slipper. Furthermore, the width is too high, triggering difficulties for babies movement. With toddlers (younger than 18 months), you should control them far from stairs.
  • Do not ignore cleaning equipments and materials and chemicals. Since cleaning equipments are so dirty and contain hundreds of bacteria which are harmful to the young immune system of kids and cause many serious diseases, keep them away those tools. In addition to this, they can confuse with chemicals which are poisonous because they are same with colorful drinks and drink them. So it is a good ways to store them in a large box after using.
  • Drugs and small things are trouble makers in some cases. Children don’t know to distinguish the differences strange things, so they can eat a lot of drugs and medical pills because they are colorful and quite same with candies and cookies, resulting serious consequence if adults do not know immediately. It is quite same with small items like clothing buttons, fruit cores, and other hard things which are really dangerous as children can swallow them which can lead to stopping to be able to breathe if they are still stuck in the children throat. The right ways is to gather all drugs, medical pills and small items into a medical chest and hang it in the walls away from children arms. It is advised that feed children nutritious fruits without and having a fewer cores, or parents should prepare fruits before because they are crucial for children body and the resource providing vital vitamins.
  • Emphasis in the electricity system. Electrical shock can lead to serious injuries and even deaths. Parents must ensure all electrical equipments outsides not having electrical flows before utilizing. Electrical lines should be hidden in the walls or store carefully. Electrical sockets are in the corner or where kids can see and unused ones could be cover by plastics.
  • Knifes and other sharp tools in the kitchen also threat to your kids. This is because that they can hurt and cause injuries their kids who don’t detect their dangers. Therefore, you should hang them from the walls or store in the cabinet.
  • Remember emergency numbers. Lets printing a list of urgent contacts including: fire security, hospital emergency and paste on the place where people easily see, which can useful in suddenly dangerous situations.

Buying furniture online has nowadays become a convenient way of shopping for many people, especially for the one who’s busy with work and cannot easily find their time to buy anything. Since the Internet increases its role in our lives, it helps us take advantage of physically travel around the shopping mall, go from store to store to find completely satisfying products. With just simply a computer, a laptop or a smartphone with strong wifi connection, you can indulge yourself with a cup of tea or relax at your favorite coffee shop and enjoy your shopping day.

Internet provides you an access to purchase furniture that is not available in your local places. For less expensive products, such as books, CDs, casual clothes, office stationery,…, it’s completely effortless. However, for products which is big and highly expensive, it’s not easy to make a decision. Looking for a new sofa and finding your suitable one on the website, you realize that you can’t evaluate the quality of the sofa, which doubt you to buy this.

The process of buying things online is simple, but the results of this process may not simple at all, for instance, lost your personal information, be cheated when using credit cards, your computer is hacked and so on. Remember that purchasing facility is an investment and that’s why we need preparation. Preparation helps us educate and experience the online shopping progress with wise and safe shopping selection. Here are tips to guide you to safe online shopping process.

1. Research the manufacturer and the store carefully
First and foremost, before checking the product information, you need to investigate the sellers, which can be the furniture producers or the brokers. The brokers can be a middle man between you and the manufacturer, so the customer service and the company reliability are also different. For example, a small online shop is now selling Nike shoes. Nike shoes are very popular and engage the customers’ mind as a good product. However, this shop’s information is vague and they also don’t update their phone number and email on their website. So do you want to buy a pair of shoes from that shop? I let you decide it and remember to choose reputable “middlemen” like Amazon, eBay, Walmart,… smartly.

Next, let’s check the company information carefully. A Google search for the name of the company will bring you the information (places, contacts, product categories,…) or review for that company. The review can be positive or negative. Some stores nowadays operate on social networks like Facebook, Instagram,…, so you can read through the comments to put your trust in. Then go to the website or their Facebook or Instagram pages to evaluate. This job is the same as you walk into a store. You certainly feel bad when the store is dirty, like a mess of uncategorized products. Otherwise, when it comes to online shopping, for a professional website, it provides you relevant information about products and also the company’s contact. The links are not dead and the information is neutral. Basically, that website will give you the positiveness of buying a good product.

This research is so important when you have an intention of buying online. Just a little bit of time, the online shopping experience will be safer and you can be a smart buyer.

2. Protect your computer and personal information
Always look out of the transaction method, it could harm your computer by automatically send the virus, spam filters or any irrelevant programs. If you plan on purchasing anything online, don’t be worry to install the security programs and make sure to update the anti-virus software and firewall security on your computer or laptop and also do this with your smartphones or tablets. The higher the security level is, the more secure your private information is.

One thing that your personal information may be public on the website when you register an account, which usually an essential part in any online buying process. Make sure that the website has a privacy policy to protect users’ information. Also understanding what kind of information is needed and what information should be public. A trustful company will never give their customers’ profiles to another without permission. But always act as smart buyers, provide the sellers with enough information and consider to give more if being asked. If the sellers ask you to send them your personal information through e-mails, it is just the one you don’t want to rely on. Legitimate companies will never use e-mails to force customers reveal their information. It’s so suspicious and ridiculous, especially in the transaction process. Call the contact number on their website to handle the problems if it’s related to credit cards.

3. Keep records
There are always unnecessary problems when you purchase furniture online, especially with the troubles with the bills and the transaction records. Make sure you have copies of those things or capture the confirmation pages of complete transaction in case of sudden need later. You also need to save the bills, the description of the products or the contract when you already have the furniture for guarantee terms and conditions. In addition, store your online receipt or emails that you have exchanged with the furniture dealers is also essential in some situations.

4. Calculate delivery fees
Most online shops often require a delivery fee in charge of transferring the products, maybe oversized items with long distances. While you’re shopping, always check out the fees, does it account for the total furniture cost or do the sellers count it alone? Make sure of this small fee, because you might lose a part of your credit card with unnecessary things like this. Another possibility can happen, the fee could be miscalculated, for some reasons, so the solution is that you should count the this fee once again before paying the seller. It will help you out of some troublesome situations and make your online shopping experience safer and smoother.